Review: Green Arrow #23.1 “Count Vertigo #1”

Lemire and Sorrentino have a very solid and interesting story in telling the New 52 origin of Count Vertigo that is a quick and easy read that doesn't tie-in to Forever Evil, but is rather a side story from the current Green A...


Forever Evil 1 Review

    Spoilers below, you have been warned: Aeternus Malum. With that phrase Johns has set up a bold proclamation: Evil has won. Not only has Johns set the bar high, but he has raised it to a point where it has seldom b...


Shadowman #10 Review

Shadowman #10 is a great entry to further establish the book's mythology. However, it is marred by some inconsistent art that can be distracting at times.


Batman: Black and White #1 Review

Batman: Black and White #1 provides for an excellent first installment to this very welcomed return of the title.


Justice League #23.1 Review

Justice League #23.1 is a fun opening chapter for Villain's Month giving readers an origin for Darkseid and connecting some dots to the opening arc of Justice League.