Conan the Barbarian #19

After a few issues that some might consider missteps, Brian Wood brings this title back to top form. We continue to follow both our main characters, Conan and the pirate Queen Belit. The book book begins with a flash forward t...


Review: The Golem Miniseries

The Golem is a futuristic revenge tale that overcomes it's familiar roots with complex characters and spectacular art.


X-O Manowar #16

X-O Manowar is everything that's great about comics, crazy action and awesome characters thrown into an epic landscape. Buy this book.


Halo: Initiation #1

  Being a big Halo fan, I was really looking forward to this being released. Although I found the issue to be enjoyable, the single largest problem with this series is that it is not newcomer friendly at all . It relies he...


Superman Unchained #3 review

 There are not very many decent Superman books on the shelves right now, but Superman Unchained stands tall above the rest. Even though in its third part, the story has been slow to unfold, but in this issue, threads start to ...