Comic Books

FF #14

I'm really bummed this book is ending because it's consistently one of the best books on the shelves.


Wonder Woman #25 Review

Just over two years into there run and the creative team on this title are still writing a wonderful book here, and this issue is just full of brilliant quiet moments that show what makes this series truly great.

4-Color Philosophy: Tragedy Breeds Heroism

   In the world of comics as well as in all great works of fiction it is a very common occurance for most of the heroes we love to read about to be born out of some personal tragedy. For 75 years now in comics superheroes ha...


Saga #16 Review

Even in a less eventful issue, Saga accomplishes incredible character development and connects with readers on a high level.


Superior Spider-Man #22 Review

22 issues without the word but it's still.......Amazing !!!