Comic Books

Battle of the Atom #2 (BotA Pt 10) Review

A fairly unsatisfying conclusion to what has otherwise been a great crossover, undoubtedly a casualty of an accelerated shipping schedule, with rushed artwork and overly wordy battle scenes. Although the epilogues do tease some...

V for Vendetta: A Retrospective (Part One)

There are a select few stories told in the format of a comic book or graphic novel that are widely regarded as classics in the medium. A classic, a term thrown around casually in the modern age, refers to the memorability, the ...

6 Marvelous Moments from the Captain America Trailer

Last Thursday Marvel released the first full-length trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The follow-up to Cap’s first solo adventure and the first post-Avengers appearance of the iconic hero. The trailer was met w...


Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S # 1 Review

Forever Evil : A.R.G.U.S #1 has potential for some good things, yet is not essential reading for Forever Evil fans. Steve Trevor fans will be happy however.


Damian Son of Batman # 1 Review

Damian is back, and he does not disappoint! Andy Kubert’s first installment of the 4 part mini is a stellar issue with amazing visuals. A definite buy for any Damian Wayne fan!