Comic Books

Fantomex Max #2 Review

Fantomex Max #2 is a dumb fun heist story, and while its not the best comic on the market, it does make for a fun read. Mostly.


Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2 Review

Spider-Man as he should be.


Superman Unchained #4 Review

Scott Snyder's creativity and talent as a writer shine through in the latest issue of Superman Unchained, despite its flaws.


Drumheller #1 Review

Drumheller #1 is about as unique as they come. This debut issue is a little bit of mystery, comedy, horror, romance and everything in between.


Cataclysm: The Ultimates Last Stand #1 Review

Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley reunite to bring us what could be the final story in the universe they created thirteen years ago in the pages if Ultimate Spider-Man. This issue is the opening salvo in a plot that threatens to des...