Comic Books

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review

Superman and Woman Wonder dive not only into a romantic partnership, but a super one as well.


X-Men #6 (Battle of the Atom Pt 7) Review

It seems like the goal of this chapter was to firmly establish who the bad guys are in time for the final confrontation, this is done with a surprise character reveal, a severe overreaction by Young Xavier which changes the cou...

Creator Spotlight! Gotham Central with a ‘Stache

Unless you’ve spent the last week in a coma or the Congo, you will have heard that Warner have started licensing out DC properties for the small screen. With Marvel proving how compelling (and lucrative) a shared universe...


Savage Wolverine #9 Review

The first issue in Jock's run of Savage Wolverine looks gorgeous, but the writing is a bit lacking.


Spawn #236

The plot finally makes some steps forward and the introduction of an old character lead set the stage for what I hope make some interesting issues in the future. BUT where is Haunt??