Comic Books

Forver Evil #2 Review

Forever Evil #2 is a good second chapter. Lex Luthor steals the show, more is revealed about the Crime Syndicate and Johns keeps building the mystery.


Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1 Review

Marvel Knights is back as is Peter Parker, and this issue of Spider-Man is truly popping and bizarre. The first page of this issue, really sets the scene as far as art goes of what we can expect from this mini-series. It just j...


Captain America: Living Legend #1

Great start to this long in production mini by Diggle and Granov.


Swamp Thing 24 Review

Swamp Thing 24 won’t shock the reader as the cover implies. It’s a rather decent chapter in a story arc that has great potential.


Green Arrow #24 Review

Count Vertigo came to Seattle looking to kill Green Arrow and to bring the hero out form hiding, takes the city hostage. The final battle between our green archer hero and his toughest foe thus far in the New 52 continues in G...