Comic Books

The Walking Dead #114

With this being the final issue before the massive "All Out War" story-line, Kirkman needed to ace this one to get us all in the mood for what is sure to be an epic next story arc.


Star Wars #9

This title follows directly after the events of A New Hope and no other knowledge is really needed

Ode to Marvel Comics: House of Ideas

  The nature of comics books, especially with the superhero genre, is that the story never really ends. There will always be some new threat, some new plot, some new twist that will keep the title going. With this underst...

Sideshow Collectibles – Boba Fett Mythos Statue – Review

  I’m hoping to make this series of reviews on Statues and collectibles of that nature, although not often as they are expensive. The latest addition to my collection is this piece by Sideshow Collectibles. This a pi...

No One Asked But… On Spoilers

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You log on to the internet to check some news or to see what your pals are up to. You get reading and suddenly you come across the phrase SPOILER ALERT. It’s bold typeface staring you straight...