Comic Books

Dark Horse to resurrect Firefly

In the last week Dark Horse have begun teasing on twitter a new comic series based on the Firefly/Serenity franchise. They have yet to announce whether this is going to be a new ongoing series in the style of their Buffy Season...


Baltimore: The Infernal Train #1

For fans of Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden or just fans of Lord Baltimore, I would recommend this title as it seems to be building to some interesting issues but I honestly would not recommend this for readers looking to j...

Comics on a Budget: Pull List and Box

e all love comics. Chances are, if you are reading this, then you love comics too. But buying comics each and every week can get expensive and hard to maintain. This week I come to you with yet another tip to help you save a fe...


The Star Wars #1

I would recommend this for any hardcore Star Wars fan that is curious to see what might have been but I would implore you manage your expectations as there is a reason this version of The Star Wars never made it to the screen.


Joker #1 (Batman #23.1) Review

I'd recommend this issue to any Joker fan, whether you kept up with his Death of the Family actions or not.