Comic Books

Forever Evil 1 Review

    Spoilers below, you have been warned: Aeternus Malum. With that phrase Johns has set up a bold proclamation: Evil has won. Not only has Johns set the bar high, but he has raised it to a point where it has seldom b...


Shadowman #10 Review

Shadowman #10 is a great entry to further establish the book's mythology. However, it is marred by some inconsistent art that can be distracting at times.


Batman: Black and White #1 Review

Batman: Black and White #1 provides for an excellent first installment to this very welcomed return of the title.


Justice League #23.1 Review

Justice League #23.1 is a fun opening chapter for Villain's Month giving readers an origin for Darkseid and connecting some dots to the opening arc of Justice League.


The Flash 23.1: Grodd Review

Flash 23.1: Grodd is a great read for anyone who wants to learn more about one of The Flash’s biggest rogues or how Central City copes with disastrous events. With solid dialogue and an especially strong inner monologue to ke...