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Ode to Marvel Comics … I Mean the Dry Erase Board.

Let me start off by saying that Marvel is not a complete  failure and/or has come up with some amazing stuff the past few years. Even today, there are some parts that I truly appreciate and look forward to each month. As a w...


Lazarus #3

Another great entry into the already intriguing world of Lazarus. This is an absolute recommendation for most comic readers and especially for readers out there that wish to see women portrayed as strong three dimensional chara...


Thor: God of Thunder #12 Review

Jason Aaron has proven to be one of the most versatile writers in comics. He can make me laugh, make me cringe, and with Thor: God of Thunder #12, he proved that he can truly touch my heart. This was one of the most beautiful o...


Captain America #10 Review

Captain America #10 is a great conclusion to the Dimension Z arc. It's evocative and action-packed with some gorgeous art and stellar coloring. Remender is killing it on what is sure to become a classic run.


Justice League 23

So that’s it, Trinity War is over. After five issues of build up, all is revealed in the conclusion chapter, and something else is set up. This is pretty par for the course with events nowadays. Except, Trinity War, while bil...