Comic Books

Uncanny #3 Review

Andy Diggle and Aaron Campbell team up for a paranormal sci-fi crime story about a grifter, Dominic Weaver, and we get some answers to questions brought up in the the first two issues, along with all new ones.


Young Avengers 9 Review

In a world filled with far too many Avengers titles, it’s nice to see that the kids still get to have some fun. Young Avengers, the wonderful series by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (With Mike Norton and Matt Wilson), ...


Uncanny X-Men #11 Review

One of the most amazing things about the way Bendis writes is the way he can make me care about and root for a character. Any character. Even ones I never really thought I would care about only a year or two ago. And if I do ca...


Nightwing 23 Review

I appreciate this book. I wasn't blown away. It was a filler book that gave us a strong finish for the showdown next month. The art carried it and I don't mean that in a bad way. I'm interested to see what Higgins does with the...

Ode to Marvel Comics … I Mean the Dry Erase Board.

Let me start off by saying that Marvel is not a complete  failure and/or has come up with some amazing stuff the past few years. Even today, there are some parts that I truly appreciate and look forward to each month. As a w...