Comic Books

Captain America #10 Review

Captain America #10 is a great conclusion to the Dimension Z arc. It's evocative and action-packed with some gorgeous art and stellar coloring. Remender is killing it on what is sure to become a classic run.


Justice League 23

So that’s it, Trinity War is over. After five issues of build up, all is revealed in the conclusion chapter, and something else is set up. This is pretty par for the course with events nowadays. Except, Trinity War, while bil...


Captain Marvel #15

It’s unfortunate that this issue follows a great character arc, this being an Infinity tie-in (Marvel’s latest event), because the last issue left us uncertain with the state of Carol Danvers health. It is explained...


Aquaman #23 Review

Aquaman #23 raises the stakes for Arthur, and he's back to defend his throne in an epic confrontation. When combined with Pelletier's amazing art, this issue is a must buy.


The Flash #23 Review

Let’s start by saying that the art in this book is fab, the brushwork’s and technique for page layouts are like no other in the current DC universe, and it really is a joy to look at. On top of this, the number of d...