You’re Next

Despite some faults this is a surprisingly fun movie.


Riddick: Style Over Substance

Riddick is a great entry in the film series and is one of my favorite movies of the summer.


The Spectacular Now: Teen Love As Real As It Gets

Really good teen movies are hard to come by anymore. Great stories that focused on the lives of teenagers seemed to have been replaced with similar stories of twenty-somethings or hard partying teens that aren’t necessarily t...


The World’s End: A Pub Crawl To End All Others

The World’s End is billed as a sci-fi comedy.  Usually when sci-fi gets mentioned with a summer movie, images of laser battles and spaceships come to mind. What gets forgotten is that sci-fi also can have quieter action and ...


We’re the Millers: A Different Kind Of Family

We’re the Millers has the right amount of comedy to balance its overly predictable plot. Yes, there is some gross out humor and bad language for bad language’s sake, but there is a certain heart to it. At its center, its fi...