New Godzilla poster shows you how big the monster is

Today Legendary, via Yahoo! Movies, gave us our first look at the newest Godzilla poster, and man, that is one big monster. In fact, the new Godzilla is the tallest incarnation yet. The poster features San Frasisco’s bigg...


Justice League #28 – Review

Enter the Metal Men!

Fantastic Four Reboot Cast Confirmed

On an outer-space adventure, they got hit by cosmic rays. The four were changed forever, in some most fantastic ways. No need to fear, they’re here. Just call for Four! Fantastic Four!┬áThat’s right Marvel faithful,...

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer … Enjoy the Greatness.

Marvel’s Phase Two movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, premieres August 1st. We’ve been seeing photos and hearing rumors, but haven’t seen a trailer … until now! I can’t tell you how excited the comic-...


Robocop Review

Robocop is the latest in the long line of remakes based off of fan favorite material. But is it a remake that can stand on its own? Matt has some answers for you.