First Trailer For Son of Batman Released

The first trailer for DC’s next animated movie, Son of Batman, has been released! The trailer features many great moments, one of them being appearance of blimps in Gotham’s sky! For those who do not know, Son of Ba...

Batman vs. Superman delayed to 2016, will now open against a Marvel movie

The much anticipated Man of Steel sequel, also known as Batman vs. Superman, has been pushed back 10 months, and will now open on May 6th, 2016. According to Warner, the delay “will allow the filmmakers time to realize f...


Lone Survivor Review

Lone Survivor is just not another war movie. It's a story about unity and brotherhood.

’66 Batman Series to be Released for Home Video in 2014

The long wait will soon be over! Batman(1966) will finally be available for home video in 2014.

The Expanded Universe in Movies: Why It Won’t Work

As we close the gap to the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII (we’re barely a year away from having new Star Wars in our theaters), the speculation about what stories will see is being taken to a new level. Everyone I...