Old School Horror: Vamp

Vampires don't sparkle, but they sometimes comes in shades of pink and green.

A Conversation With: Ed Brubaker (Part One)

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to sit down with Ed Brubaker at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, while his friend and frequent collaborator Sean Phillips was busy setting-up for one of the many events that were h...


Captain Phillips Review

Ex Navy-Seal Casey Ryback is the acting chef on a ship when it's taken over by pirates. Oh wait...


Modern Horror: Paranormal Activity 4

Can the 4th annual Paranormal Activity movie still dish out the chills?

10 of the Best: Limb Losing Moments in Movies

Welcome back to my weekly top 10. This weeks list focuses on the best moments in film where a character loses a limb, or maybe a couple… What is more entertaining than witnessing a character’s hand being lopped off?...