Guardian (The Unworthy Hero) Review

Clocking in at a compact 95 pages on Kindle and 200 pages in the physical copy, Guardian (The Unworthy Hero) is Robert Steltenpohl’s inaugural novel and the first in what is sure to be an excellent trilogy. It is the tale o...


The Shadow Hero, chapters 1& 2 Preview and Review

The Shadow Hero by writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Sonny Liew is an awesome and hilarious twist on the classic superhero origin tale.


Never Ending #3 Review

Never Ending has had a very unique way of telling its story, weaving in and out of the active years of the hero Charles as he battles his arch foe Archibald across the decades.  Despite the fact that there is a lot of movement...

The Expanded Universe in Movies: Why It Won’t Work

As we close the gap to the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII (we’re barely a year away from having new Star Wars in our theaters), the speculation about what stories will see is being taken to a new level. Everyone I...


Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton Review

If you haven’t seen the films, you will at least already know the story: eccentric old man funds a scientific venture involving the genetic resurrection of dinosaurs, and decides that the best way to showcase his work is ...