Justice League 3000 #7 Review

Justice League 3000 keeps catching and keeping my interest with every issue, issue seven being no different. Last issue left us off with Hal Jordan not being dead and him breaking free the Justice League and Ariel Masters from...

Divergent Book Review

SPOILER WARNING! Because this book is completely terrible and not worth your time, I have no qualms about spoiling the end to it. Three red flags went up before I even started reading Divergent: One, It’s a young adult novel;...

“The Collector” and “Counting Crows”, a short story spotlight.

Short story author Terri Wallace has published two great offerings via Amazon, with the follow-up to "The Collector" on its way this year.


Guardian (The Unworthy Hero) Review

Clocking in at a compact 95 pages on Kindle and 200 pages in the physical copy, Guardian (The Unworthy Hero) is Robert Steltenpohl’s inaugural novel and the first in what is sure to be an excellent trilogy. It is the tale o...


The Shadow Hero, chapters 1& 2 Preview and Review

The Shadow Hero by writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Sonny Liew is an awesome and hilarious twist on the classic superhero origin tale.