Anime Expo Cosplay Gallery Part I

Enjoy some of the Anime Expo cosplay, that I saw during the con!  

AnimeNEXT 2016 – Photo Gallery

Check out these photos from this year’s AnimeNEXT Convention in it’s new home in the Atlantic City Convention Center!

Cosplay Interview: Michael Hankamer of Mystilynn Arms

Cosplay has become a pretty big deal; now more than ever, it’s common to see hundreds or even thousand of people in costume at large conventions. Whether their costumes are homemade or bought from a craftsman or store, mo...

Saiyans, Sailor Scouts, and Steven Universe: A Quick Look at Otakon 2015

Otakon, Baltimore’s annual anime/cartoon/gaming/pretty much everything convention, was held July 24th-26th this year and was another amazing weekend of fun and fandom. Before we launch into any heavy content though, let&#...

Comic Con’s Con-Sent Problems Need to be Discussed

San Diego Comic Con is our nerdy dream come true. We get outstanding panels, a ton of fantastic news, and some of the greatest cosplays we’ve ever seen. This year we weren’t left disappointed and we got so much unex...