Comics Dash

Comics Dash #30: It’s About Love is Love

On this week’s aural mess of an episode, Chad, Jean, and Alex talk Romulus, After Death, Snotgirl, Hardcovers, Seven to Eternity, and Love is Love! It’s a bit quiet, but oh well. Happy 2017 everyone!

Comics Dash #29: It’s About Star Wars Flesh Lights

For once, the title really says all that needs to be said.

Comics Dash #28: It’s About Star Wars

Comics Dash is now older than me, which means I’ll be having an existential crisis sometime soon! I can’t wait. I mean, it was bound to happen, but life just flows by so quickly with nothing of value really gained a...

Comics Dash #27: It’s About Speed Racer is the Best

Well, Comics Dash is now as old as I am. That’s weird. It’s also way older than Alex and Jean-Luc which is double weird. Anyhow, on this stupid week of stupid comics, Jean, Chad, and Alex talk Glitterbomb, Violent L...

Comics Dash #26: It’s About the Truth

On this week’s completely inoffensive episode, Chad, Jean-Luc, and Alex have what can only be described as a productive conversation about Romulus, deconstruct all of the short “stories” in the DC 2016 new wri...