Comics Dash

Comics Dash #48: It’s About Infinite Crisis and Secret Empire

Lots of comics this week. If you listen, you might just find out which ones we talk about! Pretty cool, huh?

Comics Dash #47: It’s About Every DC Book

Sorry this is late I’m too lazy for show notes Poetry bitches  

Comics Dash #33: It’s About Star Wars (Yes, Again)

We fired Chad. He’s gone. Maybe forever. Just kidding! But he is taking a week off to go work on a video game, so it’s just Jean-Luc and Alex on this week’s episode. With Chad gone, there’s ample time to talk about the ...

All New Comics Dash Podcast Episode 013

This week on the show we are joined by WTN writer Josh McCullough. Usual comics news chat including:- After Shock, shaking up the comics world! 8 New Mini-Series from DC Bond to Dynamite Back to the Future to IDW Elecktra casti...

All New Comics Dash Podcast Episode 012

This week we talk about All 45 of the All New All Different Marvel books coming out in October Also quick reviews of:- Nailbitter 14 Action Comics 42 and Secret Wars 4 See you next week Make sure to subscribe on itunes