Comics Dash

Comics Dash #49: It’s About Bionicle but with more F****n’

On this week’s delightful episode, Alex is away (sad day), so Jean and Chad just bugger everything up. Well, not really. First they talk about fixing bookshelves and being bad with power tools, and then they talk Bionicle...

Comics Dash #48: It’s About Infinite Crisis and Secret Empire

Lots of comics this week. If you listen, you might just find out which ones we talk about! Pretty cool, huh?

Comics Dash #47: It’s About Every DC Book

Sorry this is late I’m too lazy for show notes Poetry bitches  

Comics Dash #46: It’s About God Country and Royal City

You know what’s rad? Rad comics. You know what this episode of Comics Dash is about? Tons of rad comics! Jean, Chad, and Alex talk God Country, Royal City, Black Hammer, Plastic, Redneck, and The Wild Star! All good comic...

Comics Dash #45: It’s About X-Men Blue Balls

On this depressing episode, Jean, Alex, and Chad talk a bunch of terrible comics because last week was a bad week. You know how many good comics came out? Like one. We had to suffer through six bad comics so we could talk about...