Comics Dash

Comics Dash #31: It’s About Maxwell Lord

On this delightful episode of Comics Dash, Chad, Jean-Luc, and Alex talk visiting Star Wars in real life, getting your phone stolen by Jawas, buying nerd garbage and feeling no shame for some reason, two crappy DC books no one ...

Comics Dash #30: It’s About Love is Love

On this week’s aural mess of an episode, Chad, Jean, and Alex talk Romulus, After Death, Snotgirl, Hardcovers, Seven to Eternity, and Love is Love! It’s a bit quiet, but oh well. Happy 2017 everyone!

Comics Dash #29: It’s About Star Wars Flesh Lights

For once, the title really says all that needs to be said.

Comics Dash #28: It’s About Star Wars

Comics Dash is now older than me, which means I’ll be having an existential crisis sometime soon! I can’t wait. I mean, it was bound to happen, but life just flows by so quickly with nothing of value really gained a...

Comics Dash #27: It’s About Speed Racer is the Best

Well, Comics Dash is now as old as I am. That’s weird. It’s also way older than Alex and Jean-Luc which is double weird. Anyhow, on this stupid week of stupid comics, Jean, Chad, and Alex talk Glitterbomb, Violent L...