Comics Dash

Comics Dash #57: It’s About Tobey Maguire Gets an Abortion

On this week’s Comics Dash, Alex saw Spiderman: Homecoming, and we have an amazing talk about it! Marvel gonna Marvel. Jean-luc saw Shinedown, so we chat about that too. Also, our old pal and friend of the podcast, Tobey ...

Comics Dash #56: It’s About a Seventh Month Old Movie

On this week’s pleasant CD, Jean, Alex, and Chad talk Star Wars: Rogue One, Batman v Elmer Fudd, Wonder Woman, Redneck, and more!

Comics Dash #55: It’s About God Country

On this week’s comic book episode, Jean, Alex, and Chad talk a ton of comic books because goddamn were there a lot to talk about! God Country, Royal City, I Hate Fairyland, Plastic, Wild Storm, Batman, Superman, and Black...

Comics Dash #54: It’s About Black Lights and Cum

So Comics Dash got really Comics Dash this week, meaning it’s one of my favorites! Jean, Alex and myself chat up Black Friday shopping (don’t ask why), Code Lyoko, the new Nickelback album, nu metal, tipping cows, F...

Comics Dash #53: It’s About Wonder Woman

Basically exactly what the title is. It’s a spoilercast though, so if you haven’t seen the movie and want to, come back later.