We The Gamercast

We The Gamercast Episode 5: Modding The Ops

This week Sean, Stephanie, Lazar, and Andrew talk about the latest DLC from Mario Kart 8, Marvel’s new agreement with TellTale games, paid mods on Steam, and Black Ops 3!   If you have any questions you want answered...

We The Gamercast Episode 4: Announcing Announcements

Lazar, Sean, Stephanie, and Andrew are back to talk about those vidya games! This week we talk about 3 of the biggest games of the year getting officially announced, and then it all goes downhill towards the end.

We The Gamercast Episode 3: Nintendo’s One Direction

Stefanie, Sean, and Andrew talk about what took place on the latest Nintendo Direct conference. Were we excited for what was shown? Did Andrew stay awake during the entire podcast? Listen to find out!

We The Gamercast Episode 2: Borne In The Blood

Andrew and Lazar discuss the recently released and critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive game Bloodborne.   Spoilers: they both love it and gush about it.

We The Gamercast Episode 1: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Game?

It’s a new era for We The Gamercast as Andrew takes over and has Lazar and Stephanie on to talk about video games! This week they go over Nintendo’s newly announced NX platform, Kojima’s possible departure fro...