Sherlock: “The Signs of Three” – Review

John is getting married! And Sherlock has to make a speech. It can't go wrong, right?


Community “Repilot” and “Introduction to Teaching” Review

Community is back!! Even better though, Community is mostly returned to its former glory! It’s funny, a joy to watch, and full of the characters that we all remember and love from the first three seasons! Since there wer...


Doctor Who: The Time of The Doctor – Review

The Siege of Tranzalore begins, as we say farewell to Matt Smith's Doctor. In a very emotional, and crowded, goodbye, Smith delivers a stellar performance.


Arrow: “The Scientist/Three Ghosts” Two-Parter Review

When seeing what was coming for these two episodes of Arrow I thought it would be best to review them as a whole instead of individually. With the introduction of Barry Allen, and the implication of the introduction of superher...