“GRBB THE HAMMER” Please, Don’t Touch Anything (PC) – DEBUFF

Hey man, I need to take a bathroom break. Can you watch my station for a while? …You’re not a death-hungry, world-ending psychopath, right? Okay, good.

Making The Game Your Own in a LARP

This being the first LARP post I’ve done for We The Nerdy, it only feels right that before I get into this subject I should explain just what LARPing is. To put it simply, LARP is Live Action Role Play. This means that al...

The Five Best/Goofiest Things From the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

The open beta for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is running this weekend, giving players the opportunity to roam around parts of Bolivia and cause havoc with friends. For those who don’t know, Ghost Recon Wildlands task...

“Dishonor On Our Cows” For Honor Open Beta (PC) – DEBUFF

Oh Let’s get down to business! These knights aren’t going to vanquish themselves. What, were you expecting a sing-along? Grow up.

The Road to Nintendo Switch – Top 10 Nintendo Wii Games

*This article was originally published on www.lifeofgamingpodcast.wordpress.com in collaboration with We The Nerdy. James Mikolajewski, February 23, 2017 The Nintendo Switch is just a few weeks from release. In honor of Nintend...