“Raising Kano” Gunmetal (PC) – DEBUFF

He’s a giant robot working for the city, just trying to make ends meet… and start a family at the same time! But he realizes he’s got more than he bargained for when the baby is born half-robot, half human, wi...

“MEGA ULTRA CHICKEN” Ultimate Chicken Horse (PC) – DEBUFF

Aw, it’s a cute little platformer. This should be fun! And those animals are so adorable! I want to be the sheep! What good, clean fun we will have. Is… is that a circular saw?

The Greatest Games of 2016

What a brilliant year for video games! In no particular order, We The Nerdy proudly honors the ten greatest games of 2016. Battlefield 1 Sean Capri thinks Battlefield 1 is great Of all the great shooters this year, Battlefield...

“One Man Apoca-slips!” Overwatch Winter Mystery (PC) – DEBUFF

I am become death. No man or woman can stand against me. Many have fallen before my hook and shotgun, and many more will fall before I am through. You can try to make a stand, but it will all be for n- HOLY HELL, WHO LEFT THAT ...

“How Danny Forgot to Press Record” Saints Row IV Christmas DLC (PC) – DEBUFF

‘Twas a few days before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, and Danny COULDN’T BRING HIMSELF TO PRESS RECORD.