“Uh-Oh, Platforming” Destiny 2 Beta (PS4) – DEBUFF

Fall damage? Just what are you trying to pull here, Bungie?

“Ridin’ Solo” – GTA V (PC) DEBUFF

When the Ethan’s away, the Danny will play… Grand Theft Auto. He’ll play Grand Theft Auto.

“Need Gunput” Halo (Xbox) – DEBUFF

How is this game even played? It has been so long. What are buttons? Don’t all games go by mental impulses now?

How Horror Games Are Helping Me Cope With My Abusive Past

I didn’t have a very good upbringing. Without going into unnecessary detail, a troubled home life is a big part of what got me into gaming, and it’s honestly not too far to say it may have saved my life. I initially...

The Five Best Elusive Targets of Hitman: Season One

  Alas, the end of Hitman’s first season is nigh. Ok, so technically, the first season officially ended back in October with the release of Hokkaido, but IO-Interactive has been cranking out new content basically every w...