Don’t Underestimate the Scorpio

Here we go again. Microsoft reveals the technical specifications of Project Scorpio (via Eurogamer and Digital Foundry) and the internet’s natural response is to collectively consume and regurgitate piles of unthoughtful, ove...

“Mike Is a Bad Brother” Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – DEBUFF

Mike is the nastiest skank b**** we’ve ever met. DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is a fugly slut!

“Manual Mudholes” Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – DEBUFF

Aloy was outcast from her tribe for being a redheaded stepchild. Now she must use her bow to survive in a world full of robot dinosaurs and wild turkeys. And when she runs out of arrows? Well, then she has to start kicking ass&...

“Mikey’s Armored Motor-sai-cle” American Chopper 2: Full Throttle (PS2) – DEBUFF

Mikey builds motorcycles out of K’nex, but he wants to upgrade his materials with things like plate armor and sais. Can he make it to his friends’ houses before they bail?

Nintendo Switch 1 Year Later – The Break Room

What will the Nintendo Switch look like 1 year from now? What changes would we like to see before the end of the year? James, Josh, and Chris discuss this and more on the brand new show, The Break Room! Casual water-cooler conv...