We the Gamercast Episode 14: Who Dies in Uncharted 4?

Bryan, Guilhermere, and Robby discuss their favorite Uncharted game, and the games that are coming out soon. They also get thrown for a curve ball by Robby’s question of the week. Episode 15

We the Gamercast Episode 13: Killing Nazis or Poetic Gameplay?

This week Guilherme and Robby break down the games of the year, so far. It’s a short list, but a great discussion. They also look forward to their most anticipated games for 2014.  

We the Gamercast E3’s Sony Conference Review

The guys discuss the Sony Conference. They also rant about unnecessary things. Guilherme admits defeat, and where was Last Guardian?!  

We the Gamercast E3’s Microsoft Conference Review

The biggest podcast, cast yet! The group talks about the high’s and low’s of the Microsoft Conference and they make some predictions for future plans.  

We the Gamercast E3’s Ubisoft Review

The guys breakdown the Ubisoft Press Conference. They talk about their favorite parts and discuss the big reveal, at the end of the conference.   E3 Press Conference