Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut (Xbox One) Review

Released last year on PC, the Kickstarted space-sim Strike Suit Zero has finally made its’ way to consoles in the form of a Director’s Cut. This version includes all DLC content, improved controls, and adjusted difficulty f...


Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Review

The core gameplay of the Blazblue series and wealth of single player modes should make a great fighter, especially along with the more than solid online mode. Sadly the greatness of the game is marred by a criminally bad story ...


Infamous: Second Son Review

Last November I had a difficult decision to make. I could have purchased an Xbox One and Dead Rising and been happy immediately, but knowing this game was coming out I decided to go with Sony's PS4. I now don't regret that dec...


Dark Souls 2 Review

If you have the stomach to endure multiple deaths, Dark Souls is a fantastic action-rpg that does almost everything well. The game's systems lend a massive amount of depth to go along with the game's already impressive length.


South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

The major difference between this and the myriad of failures in movie/tv tie-in games is the amount of effort Matt and Trey put into the world. On practically every screen you find multiple references to past episodes and jok...