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Posted October 21, 2014 by Henry Varona in Tabletop

Hey everybody! Welcome to Clix O’Clock, a new weekly feature here on We the Nerdy! Assistant Editor Henry has been playing Heroclix for a very long time and wants to spread his love of the game with everybody who’ll listen! This week he talks about common and uncommon figures in Heroclix, which form the backbone of the game. Why does he love them so much? Why does he think they’re more worthwhile than “meta” pieces? Are they the best thing ever? Find out!

I have been playing Heroclix for a long time and I’ve accumulated a lot of figures in that time. However, since I’ve played as a kid, I’ve only bought a limited number of single figures. In fact, they were all this summer, and all because some friends offered good prices. Until this point in time, I have been perfectly content playing with whatever I pull, and I have loved the value of a good common. Showing that you don’t need to have the most expensive toy to play the game, I have utilized commons many times and will do so many more.

slosh008One thing that I love about commons (And uncommons) is that they offer something that everybody can have. They aren’t particularly illusive, and there’s a good chance that your opponent also has them somewhere in their collection. As such, they can be figures that Wizkids uses to make sure that everybody has something good in their collection, something to balance out the $100.00 “Meta” pieces. The first piece that springs to mind is Phantom Girl. Phantom Girl is one the best pieces in the Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes set thanks to her high mobility and ability to stop characters that occupy squares she moves through from using their resources. All of this and she can also use incapacitate to put tokens onto opposing characters. Her monetary value? Less than dollar. Yet she has been integral to teams I have made that can stay incredible safe but also stop opponents from decimating me.

In addition, common and uncommon figures provide the bulk of the character library. Wizkids can often take their time getting to certain characters, so it’s always great when a long-awaited figure is simply available. I know that Cable is infuriating, not because he’s so incredible, but because the only way to get him has been as OP Kit figures, chases, or super-rares. In contrast, we have somebody like Iron Fist. Danny Rand is one of my favorite characters in comics, and I had been waiting for him to be revisited ever since his incredible representation in Secret Invasion. Luckily, Fear Itself provided me a nearly perfect version of the character, with great keywords, stats, and abilities. He was balanced and just a very solid piece that everybody seemed to enjoy, not just myself. Figures like this are necessary for the game, because they become the backbone of regular play. I ended up with five of him over time, but I shared them to my friends who were getting into the game and they were able to hold their own. Having great figures that you can hand off to new players is key to growing the community of the game.

We the Nerdy Clix O Clock Iron Fist Heroclix Fear ItselfA nice thing about common figures is that they can also catch your opponent off guard. While they may plan for the crazy ultra-competitive pieces, they might not be expecting the reliable pieces that everybody dismisses. Valkyrie from Fear Itself is that piece for me. Possibly my favorite piece in that entire set, I have used her countless times and paired her with very bizarre teams that throw people off. One of my favorites was a game in which I paired her with Spider-Woman, to give her constant stat bonuses and to constantly lower my opponent. It was very effective and actually intimidated a couple of opponents who didn’t know how to handle the rarely seen commons.

Heroclix is always going to have a crazy price range on figures. The expensive ones will stay that way and the rest will fall by the wayside. But until I find myself truly bathed in riches, I will appreciate the commons and uncommons that form the backbone of this game. Being reliable and accessible makes them more fun for me, my friends, and the game in general. I don’t know where I would be without them.


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