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Posted November 11, 2014 by Henry Varona in Tabletop

Hey everybody! Welcome to Clix O’Clock, the weekly feature on Heroclix from We the Nerdy Assistant Editor, Henry Varona. Each week, Henry talks about Heroclix, spreading his love for the game as far as he can! This week he talks about War of Light (Again), and what it’s like to play the same event at two different venues! Beyond that, he talks about venue etiquette as a whole, and how careful you have to be when you’re playing with a different crowd. As somebody who has regularly played Heroclix at three different venues, he has a lot to say!

Okay, NOW War of Light is over. At least for me it is. After six grueling months at my main venue and three more at another, I can happily say that I have had my fill of War of Light Heroclix. This weekend I got a second chance to win Nekron, as I played at another store with a different crowd of players. I was very lucky and managed to pull ahead in the final round, winning the Month 6 Event! This was a truly great feeling for me, since I had come so close at my main venue and wanted it so badly. Still, I was very happy when I won because the players at the venue were happy for me and treated me with respect. It made me feel truly welcome.

We the Nerdy Clix O Clock Infinity GauntletWhen I first started attending Heroclix tournaments, I was a sophomore in college. It was the Infinity Gauntlet Event System, the first major event that Wizkids had ever done. I started going to my local gaming store in Midtown Manhattan, which began hosting events. I went to every month of Infinity Gauntlet, and though I was out of town for most other events, I would come in for the summer and play as many as I could. However, the venue never felt like home. It had some great people, but it was just a place to play. Sure, I learned a lot, but it wasn’t welcoming to somebody who was trying to learn how to take the game seriously.

However, in my junior year, almost a year later, I began going to a different venue, one that was local to my college. I immediately felt welcome there, and even though it took me months to win even a single game, I had an incredible time. I grew close to the people there and loved playing with them. When I had to spend a few months away because of summer vacation, I felt like something was missing. I went back to my original venue, where nobody remembered me, and though I had become a better player, I felt less connected than ever before. Now, I am fortunate enough to have another venue that I attend occasionally, in Connecticut. My friend is the judge there, and I talk to the players there when I can. They are some of the nicest players I have ever met, and since many of them are learning the game and forming a community there for the first time, they are incredibly welcoming to others. It’s a true joy.

We the Nerdy Clix O Clock BatcaveI think that it’s great to have multiple venues to play at. Heroclix is one of the only games I have found that has a consistently fun community. People seem to play for more reasons, and a lot of people like to just goof off and have fun. I think that a key reason for this is because many people get into the game through the figures, so they might be less competitive and just enjoy playing with their favorite characters (Which is how I play). Being a part of multiple venues also allows me the opportunity to get a second chance for events I did poorly in. In this case, it gave me a second chance to play for Nekron, which I really appreciated. I didn’t feel like I was stealing it away from anybody there, since the players knew me and were happy for me. It’s so nice to see people just having fun and valuing the spirit of the game.

However, I don’t always think that this is the case. I have gone to events where people take advantage of the venue. When Fear Itself began, I remember a large crowd arriving for the special packs at my city venue. After the first round, many of the players left when they lost. It was completely against the spirit of the game and discouraged me from playing there. In general, seeing a negative attitude between players because they weren’t familiar with one another was really disheartening. I sometimes play at a fourth venue, and I remember that my first time playing there was awkward for me, since I didn’t know any of the players. But a casual conversation with another player over a mutual love for Captain Cold helped to make me feel welcome.

If there is one thing that I will take away from Heroclix when all is said and done, it’s that the community is phenomenal. I have been turned off from many competitive games because the players don’t seem to actually like other players, especially new ones. Heroclix has consistently shown me that the game can be so much fun, but that it’s the people that bring you back. I wouldn’t spend my Saturday nights with anybody else, and that’s because they’re such a great group of people. Respecting players and venues is key to enjoying the game. Anybody who tells you otherwise is missing out on the true fun of Heroclix.

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