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Posted November 4, 2014 by Henry Varona in Tabletop

Hey everybody! Welcome to Clix O’Clock, the weekly feature on Heroclix from We the Nerdy Assistant Editor, Henry Varona. Each week, Henry talks about Heroclix, spreading his love for the game as far as he can! This week he talks about War of Light, the latest Heroclix Event System storyline. With a Green Lantern theme and a plethora of special items related to the event, the set is one of the largest Heroclix has ever seen, with a heavy emphasis on creating a wide array of product around the united theme. How did it play out in the end? Read on to find out!

And with that, the War of Light is over. After six long months of gameplay, my local venue has finally wrapped up their epic War of Light Heroclix campaign. It was an epic contest between good, evil, and Wizkids, which ultimately led to a lot of happy players. In my eyes, War of Light is the event in which Wizkids figured out what works, and it has produced some of the most fun gameplay elements we have seen in quite some time. With customizable resources and pieces, War of Light does things that few other Heroclix sets dare, resulting in a unique gameplay environment that will change the way Wizkids runs events in the future.

For my venue, Month 6 was a half constructed, half sealed event. You could bring up to 300 points of figures, but they all had to be thematic. So for me, that meant bringing 286 points of Sinestro Corps members. Then, you would combine your constructed portion with your packs to assemble a 600 point team. We the Nerdy Clix O Clock Heroclix War of Light Kyle Rayner ParallaxThere were two added bits for extra fun. First off you could play the Green Lantern Battery resource on your team, or if you had the battery for your thematic Corps, you could play that. Additionally, you were given one Con in Your Store Construct for free, which could be used in your build total, also for free (And without breaking the emotional spectrum ability). For my taste, I decided to play the Green Lantern Battery instead of the Sinestro Corps Battery, because I liked giving out Willpower to the Sinestro Corps, who often need it. This helped my team greatly, which consisted of Romat-Ru, Bedovian, Lyssa Drak, Kyle Rayner as Parallax, and Despotellis. The funny part of it all is that I pulled Kyle Rayner and Despotellis, but had already put Despotellis in my constructed portion, which limited my choices.

My first game was a hot mess. I faced off against a tent-pole team of the Hal Jordan Parallax, Sodam Yat at his full value, and a Green Lantern Corps Recruit. In the beginning of the game I took out the Green Lantern Recruit (With one solid shot) and seemed to be controlling much of the pace by slowly knocking down Sodam Yat. Unfortunately I made a crucial mistake that I would make in my second game as well, which is that I underutilized my Despotellis and Romat-Ru, who I used as TK-er’s (Despotellis had the Catapult Construct from the Green Lantern Battery Resource). Doing so limited my attacking options severely. Ultimately, this cost me greatly, as I placed too much energy into my Battery, which was ultimately shot down. With no resource to help balance me out, Sodam Yat and Parallax tore me apart before time saved my last two pieces We the Nerdy Clix O Clock Heroclix War of Light Sinestro Corps(Naturally, Romat-Ru and Despotellis).

My second game was an uphill battle from the beginning. My opponent played the Sinestro Corps Battery, which allowed him to use the Emotional Spectrum. For Sinestro Corps, it subtracts 2 from your attack value any time you attack a figure with a higher point value. With his Sinestro Corps Superboy Prime figure out on the field at 300 points, it immediately put anybody attacking him at a disadvantage. Still, fate gave me a fair shot, as my opponent rounded out his team with Zilius Zox and a Red Lantern Corps Recruit, melee pieces that I could take on from a distance. This game I made the same mistake, my leaving my Battery vulnerable, allowing for him to sweep through and take me down.

My last game made me motivated, as I did not want to lose three matches on the last event. I played against a full Star Sapphire team, including the thematic battery. Here, the use of the Predator Entity on the Weaponer of Qward changed things up for me, since it had the potential to deal massive damage. Now, in previous games, I had mainly used Despotellis and Romat-Ru as support, staying in the back to use TK. This game, I brought them up to the front line, using Despotellis’s special poison ability to help chip away at larger pieces. This was a great help, as his high defense value made him hard to hit, and his poison helped to take the attention away from my Parallax. In the end, it was the high damage output of Bedovian and Kyle Rayner that was too much to overcome.

We the Nerdy Clix O Clock Heroclix War of Light Star SapphiresEach of these games played out very differently, something that is unique to War of Light. Even though it is all thematic to the Green Lantern comics, each corps plays very differently, resulting in very unique teams. Avengers Vs. X-Men was a very fun event, but because it was half-constructed as well, you tended to see the same figures pop up every month. In fact, I can’t think of a month in which I didn’t play Cyclops for my X-Men team and face off against a Scarlet Witch Avengers team. The wider character selection changed things around a lot and allowed for some very interesting interplay. The figures were designed as individuals but with direct counters to one another, so by combining them into one system, the results were constantly changing.

In contrast with Fear Itself, the product distribution was handled much better. Dividing the set into two distinct waves helped to flush it out a lot. By the time you had gotten sick of seeing figures from Wave One, it was time for Wave Two. By the time you had tired of that, you were able to double dip and have a second chance at the figures you missed by buying one of each Wave. Though different stores handled things differently, it ultimately yielded a healthy mix of product. In comparison, people were sick of Fear Itself by the time the fourth and fifth months rolled around. The figures lost a lot of their appeal because you had already seen them for months. By splitting up the set, Wizkids kept you interested and made things exciting.

Beyond everything though, the inclusion of chases in this set changed everything. Whether you liked them or not, the Entities were an entertaining aspect of collecting and gameplay, because they were so rare and acted unlike anything else. With stat modifiers as well as keywords added on that would interfere with resources, they were very exciting. I am very happy that I was able to use one of them for an event, because it helped me to understand them and appreciate them, even if I didn’t need it beyond the event.

We the Nerdy Clix O Clock Heroclix War of Light NekronUltimately, my quest to win War of Light was in vain. I placed second, with a total of 38 points over the six months. Our victor had 48. Even though I didn’t win the coveted Nekron figure, I am very proud of myself. This is the second event that I have placed second in (The first being Avengers Vs. X-Men). What this shows me, as a player, is that I have found a consistent groove and am on my way towards becoming a competitive Heroclix player. The War of Light event was lots of fun and offered a lot of different variables to account for, not the least of which being the resources and entities. It forced myself and the other players at our venue to think creatively and approach gameplay from an entirely different perspective. Now, with the Event System quieting down for a few months, we will have plenty of recovery time before Age of Ultron, the next storyline event. And I’m more motivated than ever to win it after War of Light!

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