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Posted November 19, 2013 by Mario Miranda in Comic Books

Welcome back fellow nerds to the another installment of the Comic Book Cover of the Week! For anyone not familiar with these article, here’s how it works:  Each week two-three fellow writers on We The Nerdy, will pick out their cover of the week. Each will discuss why he/she thinks their cover is worth noting, mentioning style, detail, use of colors and general aesthetic appeal. Joining me this week is Jerrod Gensman.

BPRD Hell on Earth #113

As I was looking through the covers of the books coming out this week, this cover immediately stood out without knowing who the artist is. Turns out this amazing cover is by Rafael Albuquerque, probably best known for his work on American Vampire, and  it’s really no surprise why the cover stood out so well. The perspective is great, framed kind of from the ground looking up toward Liz and the city with the monsters on the foreground and behind her really creating a heroic pose. Also, even though Liz has significantly more detail and color, the rest of the background is really composed of a few basic colors. It’s amazing how well a talented artist is able to create such a good cover with using really basic elements, the fire and monsters really only compose of 3 colors, orange, yellow and white yet somehow uses the white masterfully to really give the fire a real feel. Upon closer inspection of Liz, the American Vampire influence is apparent but significantly different as to not come off like a clone of Pearl or one of the other female characters. Overall a solid cover and I’m glad to see Albuquerque getting work at various publishers, especially now that he’s on Animal Man over at DC.


Regular Show #6 – Jerrod Gensman


Ok so this week as I was perusing through the various comic book covers for this week’s “Cover” article and like always I didn’t really know what I might find.  Maybe I would find a beautifully drawn cover full of colors, shading, epic poses and battle scenes, or I might find Regular Show #6.  I’ll admit that I have never seen Regular Show nor have I read the book but that won’t stop me of showcasing how random, goofy and funny I find this cover to be.  I love the muscle bound yeti with the red bandanna spotting for the raccoon.  I also want to marvel at how strong that raccoon is!  By my calculations, with two 45’s on each side of the bar plus the weight of the bar itself, he is lifting around 225 pounds of weight.  That is some serious muscle being showcased on such a small framed animal.  I also cannot help be smile and laugh at the little bird guy/girl eating a sandwich while just observing the weight lifting session.  He’s just relaxing on the side with a snack, while this little raccoon with him is sweating bullets trying to push up all that weight, it’s just so random and great.

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