Comic Book Cover-Up: Covers for the Week of April 9th, 2014

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Welcome to the ninth installment of Comic Book Cover-Up, where We the Nerdy writer Henry Varona weighs in on his choices for the best comic book covers coming out this week, along with some great honorable mentions! Each week, Henry explain his picks and just what makes them so darn pretty. At the end, he adds up points for each given series, which will work towards earning further accolades in the future! Point breakdown:

  • First-10 Points
  • Second-7 Points
  • Third- 5 Points
  • Fourth and Fifth- 3 Points Each
  • Still Gorgeous- 1 Point Each

So without further ado, here’s the week’s best!



5. Secret Avengers 2 by Tradd Moore (Featured Image)

Secret Avengers is the S.H.I.E.L.D. book that we always wanted that never seemed to last in the past. In the wake of great books like Secret Warriors and the oft-delayed S.H.I.E.L.D. proper, Marvel has found that the formula to success when it comes to the franchise is to masquerade it as something else. Here, Marvel forgoes this though as they place two of the most recognizable faces of the organization in the headlights. The super close-ups of Agent Coulson and Nick Fury Jr. stand out from the rest of the books on the spinner racks for their abrupt frankness, but what really makes the cover work is the style of Tradd Moore. Moore is anything but realistic, and the bizarre proportions of the characters make it unexpectedly fun. It’s fair to say that his work is enough to get me engaged in this book.

We the Nerdy Shutter 1 Brandon Graham

4. Shutter 1 by Brandon Graham

I’ll admit to knowing nothing about Shutter. It’s a new book from a creative team that I’ve never read and I completely missed out on the hype for this book. And then I saw the covers. Shutter is a book all about the life and adventures of Kate Kristopher. Where the other covers for this book highlight the crazy exploits of the central figure, this cover takes a moment to break away from that and show Kate taking a nap. Normally this wouldn’t be exciting except that Brandon Graham chooses to capture this moment by having an alligator and a crocodile dressed up as bellhops taking a photo with an actual camera. And in that moment, greatness was born.

We the Nerdy Deadpool 27 Scott Koblish

3. Deadpool 27 by Scott Koblish

George Perez had the amazing ability to draw a seemingly endless number of characters onto a page and make them each distinct. Andy Kubert could perfectly capture all of the heat and emotion of a single embrace as loved ones watched on from afar. And Ivan Reis gave every person their own identity while they fought for their very lives. Scott Koblish can now join these ranks for drawing the sheer absurdity of… Deadpool’s wedding. Every character in the Marvel Universe seems to have arrived for the event and Koblish takes time to make them all engaging. Fin Fang Foom struggles to look into the arena. Devil Dinosaur scares the poop out of Alpha Flight. The great warriors of Asgard salute their friend in arms. With over a hundred characters in one image, Scott Koblish has created one of the most memorable covers in comics and etched his name into the history of Deadpool.

We the Nerdy All-New Ultimates 1 David Marquez

2. All-New Ultimates 1 by David Marquez

Hold on, this is the Ultimates?! This rag-tag team of trendy teenagers? Are you out of your mind? All-New Ultimates is a bold new direction for one of Marvel’s more memorable teams. In the wake of great tragedy, change is necessary. David Marquez does an excellent job of showing off just what makes this team such a grand departure from past incarnations. While the Ultimates have tradition been shown in heroic poses, racing into the sunset or battling in the sky, Marquez chooses to have the team simply hanging out on the street. They don’t even seem to care about the world so long as they look good in their civvies. It’s a statement in itself to do this and the choice to have but a single character using powers and only one character looking forward tells you that this book will not follow the course of it’s predecessor. And there’s nothing you can do about that.

We the Nerdy All-New X-Men 25 Frank Cho

1. All-New X-Men 25 by Frank Cho

 I am a sucker for Frank Cho. As one of the first artists that I can remember knowing by name and distinguishing from the crowd, he holds a special place in my heart. Over time he has progressed as a designer and an artist, so much so that he seems to be popping up everywhere lately. People have taken notice. His cover for All-New X-Men 25 serves to do just that, make you take notice. The threateningly seductive pose of X-23 invites you to pick up the book, yet warns you to watch your step. The burst from behind her head heightens this sense of intrigue and gives her the power in the scene. Then, the contrasting styles he exhibits separate our central figures from one another. The original X-Men look to be made out of stained glass, sharply designed with bold colors. Kitty Pryde hides from the viewer, both behind X-23 and her own shoulder, but is the best rendered in cross-hatching. And back to X-23, who bursts from all of this to hook you in. Perfection.


Still Gorgeous:

  • All-New X-Men 25 by Stuart Immonen
  • Batman Eternal 1 by Jason Fabok
  • Daredevil 1.5 by Paulo Rivera
  • Flash Gordon 1 by Declan Shavley
  • Shutter 1 by Emma Rios

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