Comic Book Cover-Up: Covers for the Week of August 6th, 2014

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Welcome to the twenty-fifth installment of Comic Book Cover-Up! Every week, We the Nerdy assistant editor Henry Varona weighs in on his choices for the best comic book covers coming out, along with some great honorable mentions worth checking out! Looking at the layout, artistic talent, and the overall craftsmanship, the covers are analyzed and ranked accordingly. At the end, each book will be given points based on their ranking. Then Henry adds up points for the various series, which will work towards earning further accolades in the future! Here’s a point breakdown for what every ranking will earn:


  • First-10 Points
  • Second-7 Points
  • Third- 5 Points
  • Fourth and Fifth- 3 Points Each
  • Still Gorgeous- 1 Point Each

So without further ado, here’s the week’s best!

5. Angel and Faith Season 10 Issue 5 by Chris Samnee (Featured Image)

Chris Samnee is well established as one of the best artists in comics by now. Every month, his covers for various titles show creative design and execution. This week, his cover to Angel and Faith Season 10 really wowed me. For those who don’t know, Angel is a vampire, and by using his vampiric form in the reflection of the beer bottle on the bar, Samnee is able to show many things about the character. His struggle, his depression, and his duality are all emulated by the choices Samnee makes. Beyond that, it’s so bizarre to see this seemingly normal man nonchalantly hanging out with a gaggle of monsters. It’s the kind of fun image that stands out when many take themselves seriously.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Swamp Thing 34 by Jesus Saiz4. Swamp Thing 34 by Jesus Saiz

Jesus Saiz draws really nice trees. No, that isn’t some lame joke, it’s true. Look at his work on Birds of Prey and the Poison Ivy Villains Month One-Shot for proof. Here, Samnee takes that talents and pushes it to the next level. Detailing the intricate design of Lady Weeds, who has been a thorn in the side of Swamp Thing for quite some time, Saiz is able to create a very menacing and intriguing cover. Her face looks reminiscent of Mexican Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skull designs, which separate her from many of her contemporaries. While the layout itself is tried and true (With Swamp Thing reflected in the blade), it is distinct and effective. I immediately want to know who this crazy lady with a weed-whacker is, and that spike in my curiosity (On a book I truly don’t care about), is a sign of a great cover. Extra points to Jesus Saiz for managing to capture all of the intricate detail of Swamp Thing in such a small area. He looks incredible!

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Black Widow 9 Phil Noto3. Black Widow 9 by Phil Noto

The cover to Black Widow 9 speaks volumes by saying very little. Phil Noto draws the always amazing Black Widow sitting on a skull throne. The skull, designed to look like the Punisher’s emblem, looks really cool and basically makes Natasha to be the female Punisher. In fact, she looks more confident and at ease on this throne than the Punisher ever does. It sets a mood and perfectly sets up the crossover between the two titles. Noto makes Black Widow ooze with 1960’s style, which blends in very well with the throne. It looks like it could be a 1960’s spy movie poster. The grey washes of the background play in nicely with the stark black and white of the center image, and Natasha’s hair looks like a blood stain on the skull. It’s a great composition and another tremendous installment in this series that Noto has defined. If there’s one style of comic art that Noto has perfected, it’s the timeless centerpiece style we see here.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Earth 2 26 by Kevin Maguire Selfie2. Earth 2 Issue 26 (Selfie Variant) by Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire is one of my favorite artists in comics. He brings such attention to detail and makes faces look like genuine, human emotion. Nowhere is that more apparent than here in his cover for Earth 2, selfie style. Green Lantern generates a construct of a camera and goes to take a picture, with The Flash sliding in with a quick smile. The way that Maguire captures their smiles is very unique and realistic, wrinkles and skin creases included. Alan Scott looks shining and proud as the Green Lantern, enjoying a rare moment of true happiness. Jay as the Flash looks like he just radiates fun. Both designs look great, the composition is great, and it’s a fun use of the selfie theme to grab these characters. Very cool stuff. Plus, special shoutout to Kevin Maguire for putting aside his beef with DC to deliver one of the best selfie covers the company is putting out all month. I really appreciate him coming back to steal the show!

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Grayson 2 Mikel Janin1. Grayson 2 by Mikel Janin

Dick Grayson: Super spy is a tough sell for a lot of people. Clearly those people haven’t seen the beautiful covers of Mikel Janin for the series. After just two issues, I am completely behind the concept and intrigued on where it will go from here. The cover for issue 2 is really engaging. Not only do we have Grayson, the lead, but we have an incredible layout that highlights him and supporting cast member Helena Bertinelli (Huntress Pre-New 52). The spiral design that covers her body is effective for establishing the Spyral Agency they work for, but also for drawing your attention to Dick himself, at the center of the page. He pops from the page and he is challenging the reader to pick this book up. Do it. You won’t regret it.

Still Gorgeous:

  • Action Comics 34 (Selfie Variant) by Gary Frank
  • Clone 19 by Juan Jose Ryp
  • Imperial 1 by Marc Dos Santos
  • Rocket Raccoon 2 by Skottie Young
  • Superior Spider-Man 32 (Baby Variant) by Skottie Young

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