Comic Book Cover-Up: Covers for the Week of October 29th, 2014

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Welcome to the thirty-seventh installment of Comic Book Cover-Up! Every week, We the Nerdy assistant editor Henry Varona weighs in on his choices for the best comic book covers coming out, along with some great honorable mentions worth checking out! Looking at the layout, artistic talent, and the overall craftsmanship, the covers are analyzed and ranked accordingly. At the end, each book will be given points based on their ranking. Then Henry adds up points for the various series, which will work towards earning further accolades in the future! Here’s a point breakdown for what every ranking will earn:

  • First-10 Points
  • Second-7 Points
  • Third- 5 Points
  • Fourth and Fifth- 3 Points Each
  • Still Gorgeous- 1 Point Each

So without further ado, here’s the week’s best!

5. Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America by Declan Shavley (Featured Image)

This one snuck up on me. While I was distracted with the goofiness of other books, or bold choices, I overlooked something simple and understated. Declan Shavley has matured as an artist a lot over the last few years, delivering memorable work on Deadpool not so long ago. In an arc that focused on Captain America, Wolverine, and Deadpool, he really delivered. I am glad he was able to leave his stamp here in the wake of Wolverine’s death. Deadpool looks uncharacteristically contemplative, as the aged Steve Rogers approaches. The rock they stand on is carved in the shape of Wolverine’s head, showing how even in death he leaves a lingering presence. The muted colors and high detail make it a great look for a depressing subject matter.


We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Harley Quinn Annual 1 by Amanda Conner4. Harley Quinn Annual 1 by Amanda Conner

Yes, this cover smells weird. It smells like food and… other stuff. But, behind all of that, is a very cute cover that directly references that it is a scratch n’ sniff cover. Harley Quinn wears a clothespin over her nose, just like a cartoon character who is trying to avoid the smell. The peppering of smelly objects litters the background, with kitty litter, worn socks, and toilets being among other horrible stenches. On top of that, Harley is wearing a super adorable alternative costume, as she tends to do. With a collar of bells and a belt featuring live ammunition rounds, Harley looks cute too. The grenade in a slingshot gag is lots of fun, bringing your attention to the center, and on Harley herself. And alright, it’s flat out brilliant that this cover does all of this while being a scratch n’ sniff cover. While we can’t smell it through our screens, the message conveys and makes it all the more fun.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Sexy 17 by Piotr Kowalski3. Sex 17 by Piotr Kowalski

For a book called Sex, this cover isn’t particularly sexy. However, it’s very bold, very cool, and very badass. I stated above that I like the Death of Wolverine cover for how understated it is. This one I love for the opposite reasons. The cover is unapologetically  bright, with a yellow hue shining into the eyes of the reader. The purple chosen to offset that doesn’t help the matter, only highlighting how bright and colorful the book is. At the same time though, this is the opposite of what you would expect from the actual image, which is very stoic and plain. To be honest, I know nothing about the man on the cover of this book, but he looks intense and tough, like he could break you for even looking at him the wrong way. Considering how little detail we get of him from this cover, it is nothing short of remarkable that you can read so much from his body language. That makes for an awesome cover.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Inhuman 7 Ryan Stegman2. Inhuman 7 by Ryan Stegman

Black Bolt is an incredible character. As the ruler of the Inhumans, he constantly struggles with his obligations to his people, his family, and himself. All the while he must find ways to communicate with a world that he can’t speak out too. And he also has power that is nothing short of a God’s. Therefore, to see him tied up in chains, helpless and prone, is not something you’re used to. Many Marvel heroes have been humbled over the years but so rarely is it Black Bolt, who is able to constantly fight the odds and come back stronger. What mysterious force could do this? What makes the cover work so well too is that the page is left largely empty, as if he was an afterthought. The bright background counter-acts this by letting you focus on his form. Overall, you look at this and see a clashing of styles and ideas that balance out to become one great final product.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Wonder Woman 35 by Cliff Chiang1. Wonder Woman 35 by Cliff Chiang

And thus ended one of the greatest Wonder Woman runs of all time. With today’s issue, Wonder Woman draws to a close, ending the era of Cliff Chiang, Brian Azzarello, Tony Atkins, and many more. In that time they have completely reinvented Wonder Woman, turning her into a true icon for DC Comics fans to adore. Much in the same way that Joe Quinones highlighted Captain Marvel and her impact when her last volume ended, Chiang paints the world of Diana in her colors, with amber waves of red. It is very simple and very powerful, allowing a sense of hope to transcend the image. Chiang’s linework is as incredible as always, making the figures clean and clear. Diana herself looks less aggressive than she often does, showing a transition in her character growth over the course of their run, but also making the reader feel safe. This run will be remembered very fondly by many fans, and aesthetically, Chiang’s last cover will leave readers (As always) clamoring for more.

Still Gorgeous:

  • All-New X-Men 33 (Stomp Out Bullying Variant) by Pasqual Ferry
  • Deathlok 1 (Baby Variant) by Skottie Young
  • Elektra 7 by Mike Del Mundo
  • Harley Quinn Annual 1 by Ant Lucia
  • Nova 22 (Deadpool 75th Anniversary Cover) by John Tyler Christopher

Thank you all for checking us out! We’ll be back next week at our regular posting time, Wednesday at 2:00 pm! You can check out past editions of Comic Book Cover-Up HERE! Be on the lookout for some specials coming up too! (Don’t think I forgot about the covers from the weeks I missed)

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