Comic Book Cover-Up: Covers for the Week of September 17th, 2014

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Welcome to the thirty-first installment of Comic Book Cover-Up! Every week, We the Nerdy assistant editor Henry Varona weighs in on his choices for the best comic book covers coming out, along with some great honorable mentions worth checking out! Looking at the layout, artistic talent, and the overall craftsmanship, the covers are analyzed and ranked accordingly. At the end, each book will be given points based on their ranking. Then Henry adds up points for the various series, which will work towards earning further accolades in the future! Here’s a point breakdown for what every ranking will earn:

  • First-10 Points
  • Second-7 Points
  • Third- 5 Points
  • Fourth and Fifth- 3 Points Each
  • Still Gorgeous- 1 Point Each

So without further ado, here’s the week’s best!

5. Solar: Man of the Atom 5 by Juan Doe (Featured Image)

Space is cold, desolate, and empty. Solar: Man of the Atom perfectly captures those feelings in this cover by artist Juan Doe. Doe has done a remarkable job enticing me with this signature style that creates a clear distinction between the focus and the world of story. I don’t know much about Solar: Man of the Atom, but I’m now engaged with the product in a way you can only hope to gain from a cover. Evoking the best parts of Alien, Gravity, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, the cover is vast and unforgiving, creating a sense of horror without becoming gruesome. The helplessness of our lead in the image gets a lot of this idea across, but it’s the high contrast between the glowing white outfit and the black of space that really forces you to take a second, stop, and appreciate it.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Batman Eternal 24 by Jason Fabok4. Batman Eternal 24 by Jason Fabok

Spoilers: Stephanie Brown is back! With Batman Eternal and the recent rise of Stephanie Brown, it was only a matter of time before she got to grace a cover in full glory once more. Jason Fabok makes Steph look like a total bad@$$, jumping through the air on her motorcycle. With fire erupting below her, she effortlessly soars above danger with her cape flowing. Superimposed on top of this image is Stephanie herself, jumping into action. While her silhouette rides the motorcycle, she displays her full costume and gets ready for a fight. It’s a great look that shines through in this unique composition, allowing for the reader to truly appreciate this hero we thought we had lost. More so, the composition is very unique. While Marvel and DC will occasionally publish a silhouette with an image on top of it, rarely do we get to see two crazy awesome action poses in one. To debut the new look for this fan-favorite character, Jason Fabok showed exactly why he is one of the top talents at DC Comics right now.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Deadly CLass 7 by Wes Craig3. Deadly Class 7 by Wes Craig

Deadly Class has some of my favorite covers in comics. Each month, Wes Craig stands out from the pack and creates a simple image that I can’t help but gaze at. It’s so much so that I’ve starting following this book just for his art. Imagine my delight when I found the cover gallery in the back of the paperback! Continuing this trend of being gorgeous, he shows the main cast standing, ready for a fight. Every character is a different color, making them all stand out from one another. The stylized decision to have each character be cast in nothing but this one color and the black inks helps to make them really pop off of the page. They look young, hip, and ready to kick your butt if you cross them in a dark alley (Or the halls of a school). The shot is close and intimate, allowing you to really appreciate the characters, who are drawn with detail and minimalism. It’s a tough balance to find, but Craig makes everybody feel fully realized without ever putting too much on the page. It’s a tough balance to find, yet Craig does so masterfully.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Elektra 6 by Mike Del Mundo2. Elektra 6 by Mike Del Mundo

Mike Del Mundo is making a name for himself on Elektra. Already well established thanks to his spectacular covers on past books like X-Men Legacy, Del Mundo finds a new way to earn his place in my heart every month. Here, we see Elektra standing atop some dead bodies, draped in roses. A helicopter shines a spotlight down on her, as she bows with pride. In her title, there has been a great emphasis on her grace and beauty, with attention paid to her past as a dancer. Here we see a great example of how this impacts her fighting style. Elektra bows as if she just completely a stage performance and is presenting herself to an audience. It makes her all the more sinsister and all the more deadly, because instead of hiding, instead of running, she takes the time to bathe herself in the moment, soaking up all the adrenaline from her fight. Elektra has been out of the picture for quite some time, but with this current series and artist Mike Del Mundo, she has earned the spotlight once again.

We the Nerdy Comic Book Cover-Up Edge of Spider-Verse 2 by Robbi Rodriguez1. Edge of Spider-Verse 2 by Robbi Rodriguez

Edge of Spider-Verse 2 is introducing to us one of the most popular character debuts that I can remember ever seeing: Spider-Woman. With a sharp design by Robbi Rodriguez, Spider-Gwen (As she is effectionately called) is already amassing a following, and I can’t blame them! Just look at this spectacular cover! Robbi Rodriguez presents us with a Spider-Woman title that looks like an independent comic. Daring and different, Spider-Gwen and her cover immediately define the character and her personality. Black and white are accented by neon blue and purple, with a smokey detailing that distinguishes it from basically every other Spider title. This triad of photos of Gwen showcase everything we need to know about this book. I bought it off of the strength of this image alone, and I implore you to do the same. With a stylish and distinct look, Marvel has a sleeper hit on their hands.

Still Gorgeous:

  • Armor Wars Bloodshot 3 by Riley Rossmo
  • Daredevil 8 by Chris Samnee
  • Delinquents 2 by Paolo Rivera
  • Thor God of Thunder 25 by Milo Manera
  • The Wicked + The Divine 4 by Kevin Wada

Thanks for checking us out! Check out all of the past winners HERE!

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