Comics Dash #10 – What To Expect

Posted April 10, 2014 by Bryan Huth in Comic Books

The great Comics Dash podcast (NOW on iTunes)  is back for another week! This time we come loaded with news, comics and movies, and even though there’s only two hosts this week, you’ll still get your fill!

Listen as they talk about:

– Comic book news!

– Comic movie news!

– Discussions about what you should expect in comic movies!

– AND, for all you Marvel fans out there, you get a special Marvel-centric episode as David and Henry review

Ghost Rider #1, Silver Surfer #1, and Hawkeye #18

Check out this awesome podcast and the other great things that We The Nerdy has to offer!… also subscribe to Comics Dash on iTunes.

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Bryan Huth

I am currently attending William Paterson for my BA in Communications and Media Production, with a minor in Film Studies. In my off time I enjoy playing a variety of video games, mainly story-driven ones, and playing guitar. My main focus in comics is DC and I am constantly following all of their current and future plans for TV series and movies. I hope to one day join Warner Bros. films and have a part in their future films.