Comics Dash #45: It’s About X-Men Blue Balls

Posted April 17, 2017 by Chad Waller in Podcasts

On this depressing episode, Jean, Alex, and Chad talk a bunch of terrible comics because last week was a bad week. You know how many good comics came out? Like one. We had to suffer through six bad comics so we could talk about one okay comic. It was awful. Tragic even. Heavens to fucking megatroyd. Snagglepuss was not involved but he’s all sad up in this bitch right here. No one will read this so I can type basically whatever I want. Booger cum twat wiggle waffles.

See. It’s still there.

Anyhow, we chat X-Men Blue, Weapon X, Spencer and Locke, Godshaper, Motor Crush, Seven to Eternity, Rose, and Rat Queens. It’s the last one that’s only pretty good.

The rest sucked.

Feel bad for us. We deserve it.

Booger cum twat wiggle waffles.

Holy shit that’s fun to type. Try it yourself!

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