Comics Dash #58: It’s About John Mayer is a Slug Monster

Posted July 17, 2017 by Chad Waller in Podcasts

On this week’s Comics Dash, Jean, Chad, and Alex talk metal with BATMAN METAL and ROCKFEST. Also, go check out Avatar. Awesome band.

After the music, it’s Wonder Woman, Deadly Class, Regression, and some other books I can’t remember. Alex does some Aquaman porn too.

Oh, and John Mayer is a giant slug monster. GET WOKE SHEEPLE

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Chad Waller is the cofounder of Dual Wield Software, a two-man video game company working on their first game, The Regret of Vitrerran. He also likes to write, preferring fiction and poetry, but also the occasional book review or video game essay. You can follow him on Twitter @DualWieldSoft and find his company page on Facebook with a quick search.