Comics Dash #86 It’s About Slowly Dying

Posted January 29, 2018 by Chad Waller in Podcasts

On this week’s fun-filled mess, Chad thinks he’s funny, Jean-luc saw Mazerunner: Death Cure, and Alex has to put up with the both of them. Poor, poor Alex. Then the crew talk that new Raven #1, Redneck, Vinegar Teeth #1, Abbot #1, Nightwing: The New Order, and The Wild Storm. They do not talk Doomsday Clock because no one read it.

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Chad Waller

Chad Waller is the cofounder of Dual Wield Software, a two-man video game company working on their first game, The Regret of Vitrerran. He also likes to write, preferring fiction and poetry, but also the occasional book review or video game essay. You can follow him on Twitter @DualWieldSoft and find his company page on Facebook with a quick search.