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Posted September 6, 2013 by Topher Bostick in Comic Books


e all love comics. Chances are, if you are reading this, then you love comics too. But buying comics each and every week can get expensive and hard to maintain. This week I come to you with yet another tip to help you save a few bucks while maintaining your comic collection.

While most know about setting up a pull list and box at their shop, some still prefer to come in every week and browse the new title selection for the week and buy their books that way. And if that is just how you like to do it, I’m not here to try and stop you. But you do know you could save a little bit by setting up a list and box right?

Most stores will offer special discounts to customers that set up a box and create a pull list. These lists help the comic shop owner ensure they get you the books you want. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s solid and for the most part works well.  These discounts vary from store to store, so check with your local comic book shop to see what discounts you could get.

The benefits of a box not only give you discounts but also you can rest easy, feeling that your books will be in. It gives you a place to store books you can’t buy that week and save them for another visit. This reason alone is worth setting up a list and box.

Sometimes you just can’t afford the ten comic books that came in that week and need to hold off. All you have to do is put it back in your box until you are ready for them. It’s that easy.


But don’t take my word on it. Here are some fellow writers with tips and their own experience with pull list and a box:

Mario Miranda: “Mine for example, gives free bags and boards plus 10% off to all subscribers (pull lists). I think the biggest benefit especially for serious collectors or small shops is that having a pull list and becoming a regular customer helps establish a good relationship with the shop so the shop will make sure to get that indie title for you or make sure you get that rare variant.”

Ivan Lescanec: “My shop offers a discount for people with boxes depending on how many titles that you get, from 5% to 25% off of purchases. While the barrier is that you must have however many different titles in order to reach those higher discounts, what I’ve found to be helpful is having my friend piggy-back his titles onto my box, because he doesn’t read enough or go to the shop enough to justify it himself. We both get a discount on our books that is higher than if we were buying them separately.”

Pedro Paul Gomez: “My shop offers everyone one variant a month. It also helps talking to the people that work there, when they come to know you they’ll start hooking you up, slowly at first. Also, don’t have anything in your pull-list that you absolutely can live without. If you’re iffy on a title just leave it out and just pick it out of the stands. Ask your shop if they do any discounts, like mine also does a 15% discount card for $15 and it works for a year.”

Another one of our writers, Allen Mauldin, talks about pull lists from the point of view of someone who works in a comic shop in one of his weekly segments called Shop Talk.

Now you might be asking, what if I don’t have a local comics book shop? Well I have an answer for that. Sometimes my store just doesn’t order a title I want or a title gets left off the shipment. So I then turn to for all my, can’t get it local, needs.

At you can setup a pull list, minuim 10 books, and have them shipped to you each and every week at no extra cost to you. They will also throw in a 15% discount on all comics titles.

So let’s recap. Getting a pull list and a box at your local store or online ensures you never miss a book and get a nice discount to your ever growing stack of comics to be bought. And let’s face it, saving money and getting your books is a really awesome thing.


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