Criterion confirms that no new Burnout games or remasters are in development, Paradise coming to XBO BC

Posted August 18, 2016 by Adeem Khan in Video Games

It’s happy Throwback Thursday today, or not so happy if you’re a Burnout fan. Criterion Games took to twitter today to answer some burning questions (sorry) about their beloved franchise: Burnout. First of all, they revealed that they have no interest in pursuing a remaster of any of their classic games, mentioning that they’re “too busy doing lots of new things to go back in time.” As for what those new things are, they are currently working on Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR mission, a PSVR exclusive. Last E3 they passionately talked about crafting a new IP about racing a range of vehicles, from helicopters to dirt bikes, but it was cancelled by EA recently. Apart from the VR game, their current job is to assist other EA studios  in creating Star Wars games. Most likely in the same role they assisted Visceral Games in developing Battlefield: Hardline.

The confirmation of no remaster is even more disappointing considering EA recently showed renewed interest in remastering their old games, particularly Mass Effect. Lack of a remaster is not the only thing for a Burnout fan to get bummed out about, Criterion also confirmed that there are no new Burnout games in development.

As for some positive news, Criterion Games is still trying to get Burnout: Paradise on Xbox One backwards compatibility. Although there is no news on when it will be ready.

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