Crown Tundra Makes Legendary Pokemon Fun Again

Posted November 11, 2020 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Crown Tundra, the latest DLC expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, released just last week on the 22nd and brought with it a slew of new content including a whole new region to the south of Galar, a new way to do Dynamax raids and of course, a ton of returning Pokemon for players to catch, train and otherwise collect. Alongside these returning Pokemon is just about every other Legendary from the previous games as well. Victini’s status is currently up in the air because files have been found by data-miners but no one knows how to trigger the battle just yet.

Anyway! One thing I noticed about Crown Tundra is that it fixes something that I felt was very wrong about Pokemon Sword and Shield in the first place. It makes catching Legendary Pokemon fun again. With the exception of Eternatus which felt like a fluid moment in the game’s story, capturing Zacian felt much different. Eternatus is powerful entity in which the players must defeat and tame in order to save Galar and right the wrongs of Chairman Rose for trying to exploit it’s power. After players defeat Leon and become the new champion of Galar, they’re able to chase after the game’s box art mascot legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta. It’s a cumbersome and rather obnoxious portion of the game where players have to backtrack to all 8 gyms because two dweebs with goofy haircuts show up and start dynamaxing Pokemon for the sake of claiming their royalty. Seriously, their names are Swordward and Shieldbert and their hair is shaped like a sword and a shield and it’s ridiculous. While we can all mostly agree that Pokemon has never been known for it’s writing(X and Y tho), this is definitely the dumbest part of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Anyway, you backtrack to a gym, fight a dynamax Pokemon and repeat this process a few times before ultimately defeating the two ham-fisted doofuses and finally get to catch your game’s respective legendary. By the time I got Zacian, I felt exhausted by the whole experience as it just wasn’t any fun to do. At all.

While getting Kubfu and Urshifu felt much more organic in the Isle of Armor, it was just that. A short, organic experience where the players complete their given tasks and get an adorable little legendary Kung Fu panda as a reward. In the Crown Tundra however, more than just Calyrex has been added to the game. Calyrex is just one of the rewards offered to your trainer at the conclusion of the story threads presented in the DLC. Another one of your adventures has your trainer finding temples dedicated to the Regi Pokemon and solving their riddles to gain access to the Pokemon inside. Professor Sonia also travels south and gives players the task tracking down three mysterious legendary Pokemon by finding their footprints and collecting enough data to home in on their locations.

The trainer plays a weird version of Angry Birds….

Even though I still had a lot of fun with the base game and the Isle of Armor DLC, it lacked the sort of elements that Crown Tundra brings to the table and ultimately that made a lesser and more disappointing experience. There’s a fun and intriguing mystery in the air surrounding the legendary Pokemon you don’t know about or just in the way that they’re presented. Even when that mystery was removed and the game just had me go find and catch them, it was a fun chase that had me exploring the various wild areas of the game and it’s definitely worth the time and effort you’re going to put in.

For taking part in these adventures and helping your friends out, you get some really cool rewards. For instance, completing all three types of Pokemon tracks and catching the legendary Pokemon grants you access to a fourth. Catching all three Regi Pokemon opens up the temple where players can catch one of the two new Regi’s making their debut in the Crown Tundra DLC and getting the fifth Pokemon will open up the path to capturing Regigigas. There’s another hidden legendary that requires players to log on and interact with other but I’ll leave that as a surprise as I’ve already spoiled quite a bit.

The other legendary Pokemon require some work and a little bit of patience as the legendary Pokemon that aren’t out in the Wild areas must be found and caught in the dynamax Cave. It’s a place where only the toughest legendary Pokemon go to bask in that sweet, sweet dynamax energy and it’s up to four trainers to ruin their stay. The cave offers a new kind of dynamic to the dynamax battle experience as players team up and choose a rental Pokemon before venturing into the cave where they fight a series of battles in hopes of reaching the end and battling the legendary at the end. There are multiple paths to choose from and trainers may pick up useful items along the way. You cannot bring your own Pokemon and players can only choose from one of the four Pokemon. It’s a great way to change up the dynamic of the raids and challenge players as they seek out these legendary Pokemon.

In my opinion, it’s what helps Crown Tundra stand out from the Isle of Armor and if I’m being honest, it’s the best part of Sword and Shield. While I spent plenty of time roaming Sword’s wild area in search of Pokemon and items, I never really did it as enthusiastically as I have since I started playing Crown Tundra. I certainly didn’t care for finding 150 Diglett’s, that’s for darn sure.

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