Cutter #2 Review

Posted October 13, 2014 by Josh McCullough in Comic Books

Written by: Robert Napton and Seamus Kevin Fahey

Art by: Christian DiBari

Publisher: Top Cow/Image

The second issue of Cutter manages to improve upon many of the qualms I had with the first issue and is stronger overall, however there are still a few issues I had which held it back from achieving its full potential.

Firstly, this issue flows a lot better compared to the previous one. The story is a lot more focused and it was much easier to follow what was going on. There were still times however when it felt like I’d missed something or that things were moving too fast though the events at least avoided jumping around a lot making for a much more enjoyable story. The cast is also expanded a little covering a few more horror movie tropes, including the stereotypical redneck. While elsewhere this would be a hindrance I feel it added to the classic horror movie feel this book is going for.

The art is once again strong this week with only one car chase scene in which I struggled to understand what was going on. Towards the end the art gets really good and genuinely creepy as we get a rather chilling scene involving Emily which manages to provide tension towards the conclusion. Disappointingly rather than build this tension into a cliff-hanger for the next issue the scene ends rather quickly and lets a lot of wind out of the ending’s sails.

Overall, this is definitely a better showing than the first issue, and if the series can continue to improve like this is should make for some good Halloween reading. It’s difficult to decide whether or not to recommend this yet as I feel it’ll be a lot better with the whole story in a collected form, but if you read the first issue then you should definitely check this one out too as things seem to be improving.

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