Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King Review

Posted August 13, 2014 by Bryan Boshart in Video Games

I thought I was out, but Dark Souls just keeps dragging me back. The new DLC, Crown of the Sunken King has given me a reason to continue my adventures in Drangleic.
The first thing you’ll notice when you enter Shulva, the Sunken City, is simply how vertical it is. As an example, it took me a few hours to reach a bonfire that was located at the top of a building that was one of the first that I walked by. The whole sunken city is pretty much like that, an interlocking maze of buildings and corridors. Traversing the environment takes a couple hours to complete, but with how frequently you’ll die, it’s more like ten to fifteen.

The most important part of Dark Souls is the combat, luckily; Crown of the Sunken King gives you a plethora of new enemies to sink your blade into. Aside from the generic soldiers that you’ll mow through, you’ll have to deal with poison statues clusters. These enemies are just like the poison statues you’ve faced in Black Gulch, but are granted mobility thanks to a slime creature. My personal favorite new enemy is the Phantom soldier. Phantom Soldiers are translucent and can’t take any significant damage (or more importantly hitstun) until you’ve found their corpse and attacked it. Encounters with Phantom Soldiers play out akin to a survival horror game as you have to frequently run multiple rooms dodging enemy attacks until you find his corpse.


Crown of the Sunken King gives you three more boss fights to challenge. Elana the Squalid Queen will challenge you with summons and curses. The three adventurers will challenge your ability to hit and run. Finally you’ll get another dragon to fight, be prepared for it to rain fire. The boss fights are all pretty challenging by Dark Souls standards (full disclosure, I’m playing on NG+, so the enemies may be a bit  more or less difficult depending on which game you are in).

Dark Souls 2 is a good start to the Lost Crowns trilogy and I can’t wait to jump into the next one. If you still own Dark Souls 2, it’s more than worth picking up (for $9.99).


Tip: To access Crown of the Sunken King, you’ll need to have defeated The Rotten. In the primal bonfire room behind him, you’ll see a shrine. Activating this shrine will take you to Shulva, The Sunken City. Enjoy.

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