DC Comics, Finding The Light

Posted August 22, 2013 by Beau Roth in Comic Books

For years I knew I was missing out on something, not reading DC comics and with prices being the way they are here in Australia, i always justified it to myself that I didn’t need to read THAT universe. After all, I was getting enough from the Marvel world wasnt I?
I didn’t need to also read comics that had the lamest villain and sidekick names, id ever heard. Whoa, did so much about the DCU make me laugh before reading it.
One of my first comics that I read was The Death of Superman saga and every little boy knows who Superman is, so looking back its quite odd that I didn’t become a big DC fan. One of the reasons for this though was Venom The Lethal Protector. I had just read Amazing Spider-Man #375 (one of my first Spider-Man comics) and it was labelled “the final showdown between Spider-Man and Venom” and it had an awesome hologram web on it (to this day, it’s still on my wall) and I instantly loved the character of Venom/Eddie Brock. I guess, it shows the times I grew up in, when on one hand, I had a symbol of so many positive things and a big flowing red cape and then on the other hand, there was this evil-looking anti-spider-man that I was hooked on. Now, since I started reading comics, I could never just read one here or there. I needed the start, the middle and the end of any story i was reading, so even though I loved Venom, I still loved what I was reading in the Death Of Superman, so I continued buying that all the way until his eventual return. It was the first storyline after that, (Superman starts to become TOO strong and powerful and can barely shake a hand without breaking it) that i stopped reading DC and continued strictly with Marvel.
I mentioned prices before (we pay nearly triple the price) and really, that’s the only reason why I quit Superman. I could only afford Spider-Man and he had about 10 titles a month. I seriously struggled hard to continue buying and never missing an issue of Spider-Man throughout my highschool. I bought comics instead of beer?!?!
Anyway, years went by and i always felt like I was missing out on Superman and his adventures and when all the Batman movies etc kept coming out – it was also obvious I would love to read him also but I simply just couldn’t afford it. I kept blocking it out of my mind whilst also filling it with Marvel history.
Over the years, you hear about events or milestones that happen and even though you might not read those comics, you still pick them up or ask someone else about them, so you can know whats going on. I was one of those people. Through Superman getting married and there now being 2 of him and he now has electrical powers, to blackest nights, death of the family’s, flashpoint and Crisis’ I always just had to know what was going on.
For some strange reason as well, I had also always been fascinated by The Robins of the DCU. I have no idea why or where this passion came from, but something about the ideas of Robin, really drew in and when I heard that Batman had a son………I had to know more.


Melbourne had their first ever comic con – I took about $500 and spent it all on Batman. I remember going up to my friends at ALL STAR COMICS and saying to them “Look, ive never bought or read DC but I want to get into Batman and his son storyline, where do I start and what do I need?” Starting from The Black Glove, they gave me my moneys worth and I went home wondering if I had just wasted $500 or not. I started to read and was confused as hell. I had no idea WHAT was going on, so I then read Final Crisis and I was even more confused. Luckily I was smart enough to realise I needed A LOT more than the 10 or so trades I had bought. I had no idea what I was in for, and i then realised I needed to spend a lot more to get the whole story – which I did and I was so glad I did. I found a new love in Damien, Tim, Dick and even more so in Jason. I was hooked…..then came Green Lantern……..



WOW….do I love Green Lantern now. The Next years, comic con came around and I went up to the same store with the same money and said “This year its Green Lantern.” They gave me about 10 trades starting with “No Fear” and I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t put it down. I’m currently about to start Brightest Day but I know, i will most likely be collecting GL forever now. It’s just too good.

After I realised I was spending so much on DC, I then caved in and wanted to buy all the Superman i had missed since his rebirth but everyone kept telling me to just buy the great stories, which is what ive been doing and they have been fantastic. From 4 seasons to Up, Up and Away and Last Son. I know at next years comic con im going to be buying a LOT of Superman titles.

Never would I have thought my bookshelf would have more DC than Marvel but now it does and im proud to say, ive also gone back and bought a lot of DC history like Infinite Crisis and so forth.
I will always, always love Marvel Comics and their universe more but im so glad im now reading both now. There are a lot of differences between the big 2 and its great to see such a comparison. I just wish they would do Marvel vs DC 2, can you imagine how good that would be……now?

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