Descender #1 Review

Posted March 4, 2015 by Alexander Handziuk in Comic Books

Written by: Jeff Lemire

Art by: Dustin Nguyen

Publisher: Image

Science Fiction stories are at their best when the universe they reside in feels big and the characters are memorable. Films such as Star Wars and Blade Runner successfully achieve this feeling of enormity while retaining interesting and engaging characters. Comic Books are generally at a bit of a disadvantage compared to movies and novels because they have at most, 40 pages to work with. So when creating an engaging Sci-Fi book it often takes a few issues to get going. Descender #1 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen is a whole different animal and that’s a really good thing.

Throughout the course of its 40 pages, Lemire and Nguyen craft a masterful Sci-Fi tale that beckons back to the heyday of science fiction movies, while forging their own very distinct path. The story takes place in the far future and involves an attack on the main planet in the Universe by a giant Machine who’s origins are unknown. Needless to say many people die and the world after the attack is far different. In terms of characters this opening issue revolves around two main ones, Doctor Jin Quon, a Scientist who witnesses and lives through the attack by the giant Machine, and Tim-21, a cyborg boy who wakes up after a ten year sleep on an abandoned moon. Although we do not get much from either character in this first issue what we do get sets them up to be major and memorable characters for many issues to come. (Also Tim-21 is on the cover of the book so I would definitely wager that he’s gonna stick around).

Dustin Nguyen’s unique art style excels in this future setting. His art looks like a painting and it is beautiful and at times haunting. What’s more is that Nguyen also inks and colours this whole book and his colours are vibrant and really add a whole new dimension to the book. This is the book that Nguyen was born to draw.

Descender #1 is an amazing Sci-Fi tale that is unlike any comic on the stands today. Even though this is only the first issue it sets Descender up as one of the best comics being published right now and is my early pick for series of the year. If you love Sci-Fi, comics or just life in general then Descender #1 is the book for you.

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