Destiny First Day Sales Sets Records

Posted September 10, 2014 by Ryan Campbell in Video Games

Well it didn’t take long for Destiny to make back that 500 million dollar budget. The mega blockbuster game from Bungie and Activision is now the “Entertainment launch day” King.  We don’t have official numbers as of this moment but Activision is stating yet sold in $500 million to stores. Meaning it accounts stock sold not products in consumers hands but that’s still an amazing feat. In addition Destiny has the crown of “Largest digital release” thanks to preloading on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As of this moment all signs point to Activision having another billion dollar franchise next to Call of Duty and Bungie has created a worthy successor to Halo.

I’m currently putting the game through it’s paces in my review so be sure to check back Monday Sept. 15 for my full review.

And keep your eyes on WeTheNerdy as we celebrate Sci-fi September!

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